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Zopisign 10mg


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Overview of Zopisign 10mg

Zopisign 10mg represents the Zopisign brand. This is an orally swallowing type medicine that you use to get rid of sleep problems such as narcolepsy.

Containing a substance known as Zopiclone in it the 10mg is one of the medium doses under the brand name. To get to use the pills you will need to get in touch with a doctor.

We recommend that you must take the pills with precaution and proper care. Remember that this is just a pill that helps cure insomnia over a short tenure of fewer than 3 weeks.

What Is Zopisign 10mg Tablet?

Zopisign 10mg provides a cure for narcolepsy. If someone is having this disorder then they will have sleepiness tendencies during the day.

Most of the time this is going to affect your lifestyle at home or work. And this is where the applicability of the Zopisign 10mg dose fits in just perfectly.

You see the use of the pill helps you to remain awake and avoid any drowsy or sleepy feelings.


HAB Pharma is an Indian manufacturing firm that manufactures medicines in India. The company has got the right to own the brand name for it. due to clear ownership rights to the brand the company can use it for all its marketing, advertisement, and other purposes.


The composite substance that is present in the pills is the generic substance Zopiclone. This is the stimulating substance that belongs to the group of Neuro CNS group of medicines.

The benefit of using this medicine is that generic Zopiclone can provide a stimulating effect to the brain to avoid all sleepiness feelings. Along with this as we will tell you about in more detail the use of this drug can help you temporarily raise your cognitive skills.

Working of Zopisign 10mg

Zopisign 10mg is a medicine that works by first releasing the generic substance Zopiclone. Zopiclone will mix with blood eventually and then begin working once it is present in the brain.

Now, once it is present in the brain it provides its natural stimulating effect and reduces the activity in those parts of the brain that control your sleep. With this, the person may start to feel more awake.

To further deprive the effects of sleepiness and drowsiness it is under the effects of the substance Zopiclone that enables the secretion of dopamine hormone. As you may know that this feel-good hormone allows you to become motivated and energize your mind with a positive mood.

How To Take Zopisign 10mg Tablet

The process for taking the Zopisign 10mg pills is to be done using your mouth. You will have to swallow the entire pill with water without chewing or crushing it.

Precaution Taking Before Zopisign 10mg

Zopisign 10mg when taken daily needs some precaution adhering as a part of the patient. The first thing is to remember to stop taking medicines once the doctors inform you about the same. In no way should the patients continue having the medicines on a continuous term of more than 21 days.

Along with this, using a sleep-preventing pill with addictive substances such as cocaine and alcohol may suppress or undermine the actions of the pill.

Also do not change your recommended dose or even the brand name unless you consult with the doctors.

Benefits of Using Zopisign 10mg

By preventing your sleepiness feelings it enables the patients to finally be able to concentrate on the job or work they have. This surely is beneficial in the sense that it can help increase the productivity of the patient.

Along with this, it is due to the cognitive enhancement ability of the pills that you can now have a greater ability to learn, focus and concentrate on your job.

Dosage Of Zopisign 10mg

Zopisign 10mg is a medium-level dose that is ideal for curing a moderate or mild level of narcolepsy disorder. The effects of the pill allow you to get the effects of sleep prevention for around 12 to 15 hours.


Avoid using an overdose. You see an excess amount of presence of Zopiclone in your brain cells can bring in a lot of side effects for the patient.

Miss Dose

Do not miss taking your doses on time. Missing out on a dose is going to leave you with no amount of Zopiclone in your brain cells and thus you might feel the effects of narcolepsy take over you once again.

Avoid To Take Zopisign 10mg

Do not use the drug for more than 21 days. Also, we recommend that you follow the doctor’s guidelines if they have asked you to avoid using the pill due to any medicinal contraindication forming tendency.

Side Effects of Zopisign 10mg






Rapid breathing





Faster heartbeat

Most of these side effects will temporarily occur in case if you have not taken an undue overdose. Remember to consult the doctors immediately and share your experiences of some of the side effects.

Storage of Zopisign 10mg

Zopisign 10mg is ideal to be put in conditions of normal room temperature where it does not exceed more than 30 degrees celsius and with normal humidity.

Zopisign 10mg Review

Zopisign 10mg according to customers has been quite effective within its lasting time. the drug has been successfully and efficiently able to reduce the effects of sleepiness.

Another benefit that most customers comprehend is the rise in the cognitive capabilities of the patient due to which using the medicine is also popular among several types of buyers such as students, soldiers, doctors, and so on.

As for the side effects most patients have not shared any instances of negative effects on their bodies during the entire course term. Of course, there are some reported cases of side effects but these are far too rare.


Zopisign 10mg is a potential drug with greater efficacy in being able to help reduce narcolepsy. Check out with your doctor whether you can use this drug or not.



Additional information

Active Ingredient



Anxiety and Insomnia


HAB Pharmaceuticals


14 Tablets in a strip


10 mg

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6 To 15 days


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