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Vidalista 5 mg


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What Is Vidalista 5?

If choosing a drug is the option that could cure Erectile Dysfunction and help revive your sex life then of course the name Vidalista 5 will definitely come to the top of the list. This is all due to the high efficiency of Vidalista 5 which makes it one of the most trusted ed pills. Vidalista undoubtedly is very sensitive to the instructions of the prescription, hence proper care must be taken of the strength, dosage and all other parameters while consumption. 

Proper usage of Vidalista 5 cures the obstruction of low or no erection and revives the sex life by helping men get an erection that paves the path for a good orgasm. But the benefits of the drug sustain till you follow the prescription. In common vocabulary, Vidalista 5 is referred to as an ed pill but actually, it belongs to the group of medicines referred to as PDE5 inhibitors. Vidalista 5 is available to ed patients are water-soluble tablets at both offline and online shops. 

Vidalista 5 composition

The composition of not just Vidalista 5 but any drug must not be a matter of much concern for the user because he cannot change it. If the doctor has prescribed a drug with particular composition, he or she must have made certain checks before prescribing it to you. The main ingredient of Vidalista 5 is Tadalafil, a well-known erectile dysfunction drug that has been used in multiple ed pills by other manufacturers. 

If a patient shows signs of allergy to tadalafil, he is not prescribed Vidalista 5. 

Manufacturer of Vidalista 5

The manufacturer of Vidalista 5 is Centurion Remedies, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of ed pills in South Asia. It is centred in India, in the Gujarat state. When the company began in 1995 it just had 1 manufacturing facility but today that number has expanded to 4. Its main countries of export include Vietnam, the Philippines, Seychelles and more. 

How to Take Vidalista 5?

If you have been prescribed Vidalista 5 by the doctor, then read the below points before you start to take the pills. 

The tablets of Vidalista 5 are water-soluble like most other tablets. Hence, any consumption of the tablet must be with water only. Giving preference to any other drinks like wine, whisky, juice, carbonated drinks, sugar drinks etc must be avoided at all costs. Tadalafil may react with these drinks to incite harmful side effects. 

The pills of Vidalista 5 must not be orally broken or disintegrated, it should always be swallowed. This is because Vidalista 5 does not belong to the ODP (Orally Disintegrating Pills) group of medicines. 

You must obey every instruction regarding the strength and dosage of the medicine mentioned in the prescription. Never think of taking excess or less dosage than what is in the prescription.  

Uses of Vidalista 5

The use of Vidalista 5 extends and is limited to providing invaluable sexual pleasure to men by curing their issue of inadequate erection. This problem is medically termed Erectile Dysfunction, for the same reason, this can be said that Vidalista 5 treats Erectile Dysfunction or ED. But this will materialize only if you obey the instructions of the prescription. 

How does Vidalista 5 work?

The blood supply or movement of blood in the body especially in the penile region is the main item behind a man getting a good erection and a man devoid of it. On getting excited about sex, if the erection is good this is because blood has travelled into the penis in a good amount. And quite opposite happens when someone is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, the penis is in a state of deprivation of blood. 

Vidalista 5 has to solve this problem and it does it by enhancing the smoothness to get a little better in penile areas, blood pressure is slightly reduced and a sufficient amount of PDE5 has restricted leads to lasting the erection achieved. 

Drug Interactions of Vidalista 5


The attempts for taking Vidalista 5 with Sildenafil tablet Like Cenforce 100 can cause overdose side effects.  


Must be avoided, can be very harmful resulting in extreme nervous side effects. 


What are Alternative brands?

Vidalista 20

Vidalista 60

Vidalista 80


Side effects of Vidalista 5?

Painful erection

You may receive an erection after taking Vidalista 5 that is accompanied by a slice of pain. If the pain increases, call the doctor or even meet him or her as soon as possible.  

Urinary issues

A patient with Erectile Dysfunction consuming Vidalista 5 may experience issues with urination like mild pain while urinating or low urination and accumulation in the bladder. So, if such issues show any symptoms go to the doctor. 

How to Store Vidalista 5?

You may think that Vidalista 5 must be a hard drug to store, but mind you, it is quite simple to store. 

The first thing one cares about is temperature. The average room temperature is all okay for Vidalista 5. But the fluctuation must be within the range of 25 to 45 degrees Celsius. Excessive high or excessive low temperatures can invite poor efficacy. 

Do not look for very bright places, especially those where direct sunlight would fall on them. 

Find a dry location with low to moderate humidity. Too high humid places may become the reason for tablets becoming damp. 

Vidalista 5 Reviews

Reviews are important, especially in times when no one has time to visit medical stores physically. Get desirable and authentic reviews of not just Vidalista 5 but any other medicine only on


Is Vidalista 5 the same as Viagra?

Vidalista 5 and Viagra are poles apart, Vidalista 5 is made of tadalafil and Viagra with Sildenafil. 

How long does Vidalista 5 last?

10 to 12 hours, sometimes even more.  

Can you buy Vidalista 5 online?

Yes, for sure, you just need to choose the perfect online medical cheapmedz, place the order and receive it at your home. 

How does this Vidalista 5 work?

By enhancing the smoothness to get a little better in penile areas, blood pressure is slightly reduced and a sufficient amount of PDE5 is restricted which leads to a lasting erection achieved.


Additional information

Active Ingredient



Erectile Dysfunction


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