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Super Zhewitra (Vardenafil/Dapoxetine)


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Super Zhewitra (Vardenafil/Dapoxetine) PricePrice/UnitQuantity
40 Tablet/s $63.00 $1.58/Piece
60 Tablet/s $88.00 $1.47/Piece
80 Tablet/s $99.00 $1.24/Piece


A brief description of the medicine Super Zhewitra

The medication has been developed and designed to assist an individual who has been reeling from acute stages of the erectile dysfunction which has affected the person’s quite well activities.

Super Zhewitra can provide potential health alleviation of our diverse conditions of erectile dysfunction another sexual This is a medication that has been particularly developed to deal with advanced stages of erectile dysfunction and potentially relieve a person from erectile dysfunction and other associated conditions. This medication can ultimately help provide sexual relief of the highest order to man.

Who is the manufacturer of this medicine?

SunriseIs the producer of this medication in India and the tablet is made available in different countries around the world. The medication being generic is effectively low in price and this has made the medication affordable for most people around the world.

The company exports the medication across different countries including the United States of America, and even Australia. This has made the tablet to be a global medication to deal with erectile dysfunction and other associated conditions.

Uses of this medicine called Super Zhewitra

Super Zhewitra can provide the best solutions to a person suffering from prolonged conditions of ED and other impotence that causes a man to lose out his sexual prowess. The medication can extensively be used to solve acute conditions of erectile dysfunction without causing many side effects in the body.

Another very important benefit the tablet can provide besides solving sexual issues is to improve upon a person’s pulmonary arterial conditions. The medication can deal with hypertension which may develop in the pulmonary arteries and provide potential solutions.

What is this medicine composed of?

Vardenafil, which is a form of synthesized sildenafil, is the key ingredient that has been integrated into the incorporation and development of this medication to provide alleviation from erectile dysfunction. Besides this, the medication also poses significant traces of essential phytonutrients and active ingredients making the tablet a portent erectile dysfunction alleviator.

Super Zhewitra also incorporates essential inhibitor that ultimately makes the tablet provide an effective solution to the problem of impotence. The presence of PDE-5 is a noteworthy addition to the integrity of this medication in providing an active effective solution for male impotence and other conditions like erectile dysfunction.

How should one take Super Zhewitra?

One must ensure the tablet is not consumed by disintegrating it, or by chewing it up. It should be consumed by gulping it down with some water which will ensure the tablet does not lose its integrity and gets properly diluted inside your body to provide its effect.

 Precautions before consumption

An individual must ensure that the tablet is not consumed when the person is under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant to avoid contradictions.

People suffering from a chronic illness that may involve a poor never system, or a malfunctionedcardiac system should avoid consuming this medication unless the doctor provides the proper guidelines to consume it.

One must ensure that it is not consumed alongside medications provided to assist other health conditions. This is important to avoid possible interactions and get effective results.

How does this medication work in a person?

What this medication does is facilitate an effective amount of blood flow in your private region, ultimately causing the man to get a sufficient amount of erection. It does so by lowering high blood pressure levels that ultimately increase the volume of blood and make it more available for intimate parts of the body.

The medication enables the blood vessels leading up to your private part to get dilated, which is essential for proper penetration of the increased blood volume to enter your penis. It is in this way that a good, hard erection is ultimately achieved.

Can any man consume this medicine if needed?

Super Zhewitra can be consumed by any individual above the age of 21 years who is suffering from advanced or moderate stages of the disease.

The affordability of this medication, with its effective solution, has made the tablet much more reliable to people looking to find the best solution for dealing with erectile dysfunction without burning a hole in their pockets.

Who should avoid the consumption of this medication?

People suffering from pre-existing medical conditions of chronic nature, which may involve organs like the heart, kidneys, or liver should avoid consuming this medication because of its high-intensity nature.

The tablets have not been formulated to assist people just suffering or encountering erectile dysfunction. It has been designated to deal with advanced stages of the condition, and that is why such people should avoid consuming this tablet.

Side effects that come from consuming this medicine

Super Zhewitra is a medication that does notcause much of side effects in a lot of people. However, few people might encounter side effects like mild headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, skin rashes, etc.

Super Zhewitra side effects Can certainly be of severe nature in certain groups of people, who might be having pre-existing medical conditions.

What dosage of this medicine should a man take?

Generally consumption of 1 tablet within a span of 24 hours, over a period of time as suggested by the physician would be enough to deal with erectile dysfunctionand get elevated from it.

One must ensure the tablet to not be overconsumed, to avoid possible side effects that can affect critical functionalities of the body.our online store in cheapmedz.

Drug interaction of this medicine

The tablets can react severely with medication provided to assist nervous system conditions. It is always better in this situation to consult a physician before proceeding with the consumption.

Super Zhewitra Tablets may have some severe contradictions when comes in contact with alcoholic substances. So it is important for an individual to not consume this medication when he is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or any other intoxicant.

Super Zhewitra reviews

The Super Zhewitra reviews have been pretty positive because of its low cost, and high-efficiency results. The tablet has been effectively able to deal with erectile dysfunction and other impotence without rendering side effects in an individual. This has been one of the key contributors to the success of this medication around the world.

The medication has also been ratified to be safe and capable of solving erectile dysfunction by physicians and drug regulators around the world.


How fast does this medication work?

The medication is quite fast to provide an effective solution of furnishing proper erection for a man reeling with erectile dysfunction. It can provide effective results within 30 minutes. So, or person should consume this tablet for about 30 minutes or 45 minutes before getting into coital activities to get the best effect.

How long does the effect of this medicine last in a normal man?

One can certainly expect the effects of the medication to last for about 6 hours. However, a fitter person might get a long-lasting duration which may exceed 8 hours also. However, even if an individual is well above the age of 45 years, he will still get sufficient duration to furnish quality sex to his partner.

Can the medication be used to assist a falling marital life?

The medication can be used to assist individuals reeling from a poor marital affair and provide potential sexual relief to a couple having over-sexual the medication can ultimately play a critical role in avoiding erectile dysfunction, and diseases that may develop because of it. It ultimately ensures a healthy body for a man can be achieved.




Additional information

Active Ingredient





Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation


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4 Tablets in strip

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6 To 15 days


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