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Pain O Soma 500mg


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What is Pain O Soma 500mg

This is a medicine that is used to heal any kind of pain in men and women. Pain can be either internal or external.  This medicine acts in the right way with the right chemicals in the body and produces a beneficiary effect by giving a person relief from severe to moderate pain.

What Is Pain O Soma 50 mg used for?

Pain O Soma 500mg is an oral medicine that is used to heel pain. Only external pain doesn’t need to be healed with this medicine. Skeletal pain which usually arises due to muscle cramps or arthritis problems can also be healed with this medicine. With age the types of pen berries in severity and places. Joint pain r almost as common as cough and cold with age. This is a medicine which can be taken to heal joint and muscle pains as well.


Hab Pharma Limited Is the manufacturer of this pill. This manufacturer has been in the production of medicinal businesses for a long time and has not only been involved in the production of medicines but also distribution and branding of medicines. This is a trusted manufacturer.


The two ingredients that are important in making this medicine plays on are Carisoprodol and meprobamate. These two ingredients when mixed with the neurotransmitters and the nerve cells produce the right kind of effect by reducing pain in the body. This is an ingredient that increases and decreases in quantity by the dosage of the particular medicine.

Pain O Soma 500mg dosage

This is a medicine that relaxes the nerve cells and ultimately provides us relief from pain. Hence, this medicine should be taken only once daily that is, one pill in 24 hours.

If someone has not taken such kind of medicine before then lower doses of this medicine should be taken. If the person sees that there is no side effect after consuming a lower dosage of this medicine the person can move to a higher dosage like 500 mg according to their requirement.

How to take Pain O Soma 500mg

This medicine should be taken along with a gulp of water. This medicine is an oral bill which should be followed. Chewing or crushing this medicine would deprive this particular pill of all its beneficial characteristics.

When should you avoid taking Pain O Soma 500mg

When a person is under other treatment and medication then this medicine should be avoided strictly. If a person is already suffering from disorders of the kidney or the lungs or the heart then this medicine should be avoided. A woman who is either pregnant or in the state of breastfeeding should also avoid taking this pill.

Carisoprodol dosage

Carisoprodol is a kind of ingredient in every search medicine that is used for relaxing the nerves and healing pain. This is a chief ingredient because it directly reacts with the neurotransmitters and the mark cells and enhances the stimulus that the nerves provide to the brain signalling a painful reaction.

Hence, this particular ingredient has different kinds of dosages in different medicines. A lower dosage of this medicine will have a lower dosage of Carisoprodol while higher doses of this medicine will have more content of this particular ingredient.

Pain O Soma 500mg Side Effects

There are no long-lasting or severe side effects of this particular medicine. But some people have faced some common side effects due to their bodybuilding. Some of the common side effects that this medicine me include are as follows:


Daytime sleep;



Increased Blood pressure;


These are all the common side effects that may occur in some people. However, it is advised if any of them occur then consumption of this medicine should immediately be stopped.

Working of Pain O Soma 500mg

This is a medicine that works by enhancing the neurotransmitters directly. Nerves are the chemical messengers which first accept the stimulus from an external agent like pain due to internal and external disorder and hurts. This pen or stimulus is then transmitted to the brain why of the nerve cells which then directs and assesses if the particular sensation is that of pain.

If the transmitters or the nerve cells can be influenced and made less reactive then automatically a person would feel less pain.

Pain O Soma 500mg reviews

There are many good and bad reviews available for this particular medicine. People who have abided by the precautions and safety measures that come with this medicine have only benefited from the consumption of this medicine. Our visit site

People who have neglected the conditions and safety measures of taking this medicine might face some kind of side effects and adverse effects on the body. The price of this medicine has also been reviewed for it is less and pocket friendly which is the reason why it can be afforded by people all across the world.


Overdose of this medicine may be harmful to health and may even be life-threatening. It me also cause side effects which may be a long-lasting effect. Overdose of this medicine is strict to be avoided. If a person has an overdose on this medicine doctor should be consulted immediately.

Miss dose

There is no side effect or contradictory effect on the body with a missed dose of this medicine. A missed dose however should not be compensated by taking two medicines in one day. The course of medicine should be completed on the remaining days.


Hence, from the above description, it can easily be concluded that this medicine helps heal any kind of internal and external pain. This medicine is also beneficial with a very minimal side effect which is not severe.


1.         How long does this medicine last?

This medicine usually lasts for 12 to 24 hours in normal human beings.

2.         How many dosages of this medicine should be taken in one day?

Only one pill should be taken by a person in one day. Since the effect lasts for almost 24 hours taking more than one bill will be an overdose.

3.         Can this medicine be taken by children?

This medicine is restricted to children below 18 years of age.

4.         Is it safe to drive after taking this medicine?

It is advised to not drive soon after taking this medicine because it has a numbing effect on the nerve which may make a person sleepy.

Additional information

Active Ingredient



blocks pain


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip



Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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