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Extra Super Vidalista (Tadalafil/Depoxetine)


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  • What Is Extra Super Vidalista?

Extra Super Vidalista is a unique and combined medicine to effectively provide you with a cure for two different dysfunctions. Potentially the use of this medicine is only ideally suited and manufactured for men.

Using this medicine men will be able to get rid of their dual problems relating to the penis. One of the problems relates to the penis not being able to get hard and the other problem is regarding the penis ejaculating too early and the patient not being in any control of their ejaculation during sex.

The problem of not being able to erect their penis into a hard and sustainable erection is known as ED or erectile dysfunction whereas the problem of ejaculating too early is known as premature ejaculation.

  • Extra Super Vidalista composition

Extra Super Vidalista USA is ideally manufactured for effectively curing two different disorders of ED and PE with the use of a single pill. The composition consists of one substance with its ED cure benefits and the other one being able to prevent premature ejaculation.

The use of both substances is on a prescription basis so it is necessary for all prospective patients suffering from both disorders to get it recommended by the doctors.

  • Manufacturer of Extra Super Vidalista

Extra Super Vidalista Blue Pill has the manufacturers of Centurion laboratories. The company manufactures and sells the medicine under the brand name which is under the regulatory checks of the company and its management. It is the prime seller of medicine both in the Indian markets and in the abroad markets.

  • How to Take Extra Super Vidalista?

The process for intake of Extra Super Vidalista Tablet is to swallow it with the use of water. No prior processing such as breaking the pills or crushing is required in advance. To take in the pills all you need is to have a glass of water. Swallow the pill using water only and avoid using specifically other fluid items such as alcohol or grape juice since these are the ones that will have instant contraindicating behavior with them.

The ideal time for you to take whether be in the morning or at night is just an hour before having sex.

  • Uses of Extra Super Vidalista

So as you have got a clear idea by now that the use of the Extra Super Vidalista for sale pills is for curing two disorders. One of them is for curing Erectile dysfunction and the other one is to help you to get rid of PE.

But remember that this is not a forever pill and this means that there is a restrictive time for which the use of the pills is recommendable for use in patients. Ideally, as soon as you start a dose the doctors will conduct regular supervision checkups and recommend you a time till which to take the pills.

  • What are the doses of Extra Super Vidalista?

Extra Super Vidalista tablets are available in the markets in single doses. And this is the 100mg dose combined with that of the two substances. Effectively the proportion of both substances is kept constant.

Tadalafil which is the substance for curing ED is present in a 40mg dose. This is the second highest dose of Tadalafil so you can say it is moderately high. As for curing PE, there is a dose of 60mg of Dapoxetine in it. This is also a moderately higher dose.

  • How does Extra Super Vidalista work?

To understand the working process for Extra Super Vidalista online pills you will need to understand the working process for each of the generic substances that is Tadalafil and Dapoxetine.

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance that enables erection abilities by displaying the actions of vasodilation in the penis arteries in the presence of the agent nitric oxide.

As for curing PE the substance Dapoxetine will work as an SSRI inhibiting agent and prevent the complete reuptake of the generic hormone serotonin.

  • Drug Interactions of Extra Super Vidalista

Extra Super Vidalista pills are not suitable for intake with some other pills substances. The interacting drugs include-

Other PDE-5 hormone inhibiting drugs

Pills for reducing high blood pressure

Pills that behave as alpha blockers

Pills that have any nitrate components in them

Some pills are helpful in curing bacterial and viral infections

  • Side effects of Extra Super Vidalista?






Stomach cramps

Chest pain

Fall of blood pressure

Lower libido


Hazy vision

Reduction in sharing capabilities

  • What are the precautions for using Extra Super Vidalista?

Now when you are using a pill dose such as Extra Super Vidalista you will need to maintain some precautions for it. The basic rule is to ensure that you need to avoid taking an overdose. Along with this, it is not good for you to take any other contraindication substance along with it.

  • How to Store Extra Super Vidalista?

Storing the pills of Extra Super Vidalista is best done within a normal room temperature of fewer than 30 degrees celsius along with moderate humidity.

  • Extra Super Vidalista Reviews

The basic reviews from the patients after using this combined ED and PE curing pill have been rather good and motivating. Most patients have been able to get effects in ensuring a hard and sustainable erection along with getting preventing premature ejaculation.

  • How to order?

Ordering the pills mean that you will need to buy Extra Super Vidalista Online. and for this, you can check out so many online seller’s Take our recommendation and buy from RXMedsAustralia at the best discounts and low shipping costs.


Is Extra Super Vidalista the same as Viagra?

Extra Super Vidalista is not the same as Viagra. The former is a drug being able to cure both ED and PE while the latter on I a drug ideally for curing ED only.

How long does Extra Super Vidalista last?

Extra Super Vidalista is a medicine that will last you for the whole day with its dose.

Can you buy Extra Super Vidalista online?

Yes, there are many online sellers. You got to check out the online seller that is providing you with the best Extra Super Vidalista price.

How does this Extra Super Vidalista work?

The working process for the pills is based on providing serotonin affluence effects for curing PE whereas for curing ED it will provide you with a vasodilation effect.






Additional information

Active Ingredient



Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets in Strip



Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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