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Drug Policy

The drug policy at Cheapmedz is to the point and explains in detail all the necessary information an aware customer must know. This is why we advise customers to go through the drug policy available on the official website.
The drug policy contains information such as the category of drugs available at our portal, the brands available, how we deal with manufacturers, cost and charges on the portal, the safety checks we do, and why you should prefer buying from Cheapmedz over others. This basic information answers all the questions in a customer’s mind.

The categories of drugs you would get

We do not guarantee on our customers not suffering from any side effects upon buying medicine from CheapMedz and using them. We always ask you to confirm with the doctor and check out the dose and the brand name of a medicine.   Any side effects that you may suffer from, you cannot blame us for the same. We also ask you to bear extreme caution and vigilance while adding medicines to your cart or proceeding to buy right away.   Remember that sometimes patients are brand specific when it comes to buying a certain drug like these for ED.

Drug effectiveness

At Cheapmedz we have most of the categories that patients require. So, when a patient is looking for a drug online, after visiting Cheapmedz it is very rare that he may feel the need to go to another pharmaceutical portal. 

Some of the product portfolios at Cheapmedz are anti-diabetic, anti-TB, anti-viral, antibiotic, sexual wellness, stimulants, and many others. 

The products are from varied manufacturers, giving customers a full range of options as doctors may prescribe drugs from different companies. 


Process of procurement

The majority of the drugs available on our portal are directly from the manufacturer’s factory or warehouse. So, no worries about commissioning a middle man. 

We enter into an agreement with big pharma companies for several years and therefore get medicines in bulk. This is why we can offer drugs at more discount than other portals and still make sufficient profits. 

But sometimes the manufacturer delays in delivering the drug or is out of raw materials for a particular drug. In that case, we procure such drugs from government-registered wholesalers and vendors

Why prefer our drugs for buying medicines?

At Cheapmedz one would get high-quality medicines as it is directly from a manufacturer that has already passed the required safety checks. 

The discounts available by us will always be more than offered by other portals. This is because we directly get from manufacturers, which gives us an edge over our peers. 

Our inventories and accounts are tallied frequently to prevent any discrepancy. If any are found, we try to find the reason and satisfy the auditors. 

To date, not even one case has been filed against us regarding the usage of expired medicines, breaching safety parameters, selling banned products, etc. We thoroughly follow the rules and regulations set by the drug regulator of the respective nation. 

Besides, the drug regulating agency we have our separate team of medical experts and scientists that verify the safety checks. This double ensures us that whatever product we are offering is cent percent genuine. 


How much do medicines cost?

Customers must look at the back of the sachet of the medicine to check MRP (Maximum Retail Price). But we at Cheapmedz offer a pre-applied discount on most of our products which lowers the price below MRP. And in the payment step for specific credit and debit cards, additional discounts can be received. 

We do not have a say in deciding the cost of the medicines on our portal. Whatever the price you see is basically the summation of the manufacturers selling price and our margin. 

The delivery of products is free for domestic orders if the billing price is above a certain price. Whereas for international orders delivery price is applied as per the distance and custom charges added. 

We also give a referral code to each customer which they can share with other people. When the other person purchases medicine by applying your referral code both the other person and you will receive equivalent discounts.

Sometimes the price of medicine may fluctuate due to high demand in certain regions.